Aeta Community Outreach at Sitio Target Itinerary and Program

Our Aeta community outreach last March 28 at Sitio Target, Angeles City, Pampanga has been such a humbling and fun experience for the whole team. I would like to share with you these information that might be of help if ever you want to conduct similar outreach at Sitio Target. God bless and spread the love! 🙂 – Gel 11091237_10202572381470910_5308108904433466770_n Itinerary

6:00 Call time at McDonalds, SM North Edsa (in front of Trinoma)

6:00-7:00am Breakfast

7:00-9:00 Manila to Holy Family Academy

9:00-9:30 Brief meeting with Sister Angela

9:30-10:00 Holy Family Academy to Sitio Target

10:00-10:45 Start of registration

10:45-11:00 Ethnic performance from Aeta kids, preparation for feeding

11:00-12:00 Games

12:00-1:00 Feeding

1:00-2:00 Bible story lecture

2:00-3:00 Washing of the Feet and distribution of 50 slippers

3:00-4:00 Distribution of loot bags, group picture taking

4:00-5:00 Lunch/Merienda of the group/ shower/ freshen up

5:00-5:30 Community tour

5:30-7:00 Sitio Target to Manila

Macaroni Soup Ingredients (Good for 60-80 kids)

5 kilos of macaroni soup (elbow)

1 kilo of chicken

1 kilo chicken hotdog

6 cans of evaporated milk

½ margarine

6 pieces of chicken cubes

2 kilos of cabbage

1 kilo of carrot

6 pieces onion

5 pieces of garlic

1 bottle of cooking oil

1 bottle of fish sauce



Note: We paired the macaroni soup with bread and a juice drink You might also want to try preparing goto, lomi, pancit, or spaghetti.  1513329_10202573199731366_5701340867083009417_n NOTE: When planning for an Aeta community outreach at Sitio Target, consider these tips:

  1. Wear light colored clothes. It can get too hot in the Sitio.
  2. Bring extra face towel and clothes in case you want to take a shower at the learning center.
  3. Bring you own plastic bottle
  4. Bring plastic bags for trash

People who go there for outreach are also encouraged to have an overnight immersion. The learning center has a room for volunteers.

If you are going there via commute, you may follow this guide

6:00- Call time at Philippine Rabbit, Avenida

6:00-8:00 ETA at Philippine Rabbit Terminal, Angeles City Pampanga

8:00-9:30 Going to Barangay Sapang Bato. Ride in Caltex gas station going to Friendship Terminal. From Friendship Terminal, ride a jeep going to Sapang Bato.

9:30-10:00 Tricycle going to Sitio Target

You may also opt to take the Dau-bound bus in Five Star but you have to take a jeep going to Angeles City Terminal.

From there, ride a jeep going to Holy Angel University. Holy Family Academy is just beside the university.

For possible collaborations and partnership in out future outreach programs, you may contact me via this blog.

If you would like to directly make an Aeta community outreach for your group, you may contact Sister Angela Bingan at this number: 09255760667. 11047918_10202572258067825_4582089853894126839_n

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