Aeta Community Outreach at Sitio Target, Angeles City, Pampanga

Aeta Community Outreach at Sitio Target, Angeles City, Pampanga

We are blessed. It’s just a matter of knowing and believing and of seeing even the littlest details that God may have sent to remind us that we are His child.  That He is a great provider, and that the people around us to make us realize how He loves us.

Last year on my birthday, I decided to have an ocular visit in an Aeta community at Sitio Target, Barangay Sapang Bato, Angeles City, Pampanga. There, I met Sister Angela, and Ate Ria, the social worker who worked at the 700 plus populated Aeta community in that remote town of Angeles. By mere observing, Sitio Target is greatly stricken by malnutrition and poverty.

There are 50 plus children who are listed as malnourished. Mothers, whose ages range from 12-25, take care of their three and up children. Their husbands work at the nearby resort owned by Koreans, while some go to the mountains to plant root crops. They sell what they reap every Sunday at the center of Barangay Sapang Bato, where they would also buy their necessities for the whole week. And from my visit, I promised to come back and gather for help. I know I may not be someone who can give them everything they need, but I know I can be of help. Everyone can help.

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I talked to Monique, whom I know shares the same passion and heart.  After a series of meetings, calls, and emails, we managed to set our first outreach program at the Sitio.

We started gathering donations and asked for volunteers so we can go back and have our very first feeding program. Monique took care of the loot bags, which consisted of school supplies, and I managed to gather contributions for our macaroni soup.

On March 28, Saturday, we had our first feeding program in the community. I am glad that my good friends Gerald and Alfrick, went with me, and Monique had her church mates Terrence, Jorell, Grace, Jeca, Dec, Dee, Winsir and Jom.

The team at the Holy Angel Academy.

First, we had a registration where we measured their height, weight, and age. We also gathered some information about their parents. This is for documentation purposes.

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Meanwhile, some of our team members were busy cooking the macaroni soup for lunch. While doing the registration, some conducted fun games. After which, a small dance number was performed by a group of Aeta kids. We then had lunch, bible story telling, and the washing of the feet.

Alfrick, one of my college friends, cooked the macaroni soup at the learning center’s backyard.




11059364_10202573150490135_1173948063285333228_n For a detailed itinerary of our outreach program and for the ingredients we used for the feeding, you may click it here.

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Thankyou, Lord, for using us as a vessel to deliver your Word. They may think that we are a blessing to them, but the feeling is just the same as ours. They are a blessing to us. They taught us to give back, to embrace differences, to be thankful, to be appreciative, and to love. 1513329_10202573199731366_5701340867083009417_n


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