#Connect2018: Creating Meaningful and Compelling Stories for the World

#Connect2018: Creating Meaningful and Compelling Stories for the World

#Connect2018 was such a blast! Here’s some details about the event.

Much has been said about the enticing, fast-paced world of digital. Despite the challenges it has been facing in the past years, I think there are always people—and groups—who want to make a better place to live in through this platform. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how you share your message to the world, how ever you want to present—to create ripples and positive change.

This is me enjoying some Japanese-inspired installation.
Photo from NGP IMC.

The first #Connect2018, organized by NGP Intergrated Marketing Communications—one of the key players in the PR world which weaves traditional and digital platforms—gathered storytellers in a one-of-a-kind experience where they get to interact with fellow bloggers and influencers.

Dubbed as an Instagrammable event, it highlights the Pantone of Color of the year Ultra Violent in all of its special installations. The event was a mixed of fun activities, raffle draws, short talks, food, booze, and more food.

Connecting Your Story

But what makes the really one for the books?

More than the Instagram-worthy installations and really great time catching up with old and new friends, what lies behind #Connect2018 is a deeper, more purposeful meaning.

The event was also a remarkable date as it launches Connecting Your Story, aiming to serve as an avenue for digital natives to share their stories.

NGP and Connecting Your Story also looks forward creating more collaboration with blogs and brands and to further relay their respective message to the public.

Throughout the year, we can also expect some great activities in store for bloggers—such as workshops, online community interactions, webinars, meet-ups over coffee (or beer, please!) and more. This is to develop and hone our respective craft to tell better and more responsible stories to people.

Truly, Connecting Your Story is about sharing our message through a more meaningful and compelling story.

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