Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy at Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park

Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy at Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park, which has been around since 1998, marks their two decades as a family-friendly destination as it offers new attractions and improved hospitality services.

As part of their celebration, blogger partners were invited to check out what’s in store for their guests. Here’s a list of fun-filled activities you and your family (and even your pets!) can enjoy at Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park:

Tour around the Aviary

We arrived at Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park a couple of hours away from lunchtime. Before getting our stomach filled in with their new sets of dishes, we were first toured in the newly-opened Island Aviary, just a few steps from the Park’s main lobby.

The Aviary is a 3,500-square meter animal zone, which can be walked through in just 20-minutes. In here you’ll see the Brahminy Kite, ostrich, and peacock. Also watch out for turtles, iguanas, Phil Sailfin lizards, a Burmese python, rabbits, and koi fishes. You can feed the animals–such as the rabbits and ostriches (I fed one with the constant prodding of one staff haha).

For me, the main attraction is the 16 feet long Burmese phyton named Bernie but what captured my attention was the fierce-looking Rufous Night Heron. The tour guide said his partner died a few weeks ago and since then, he looked so stern and fierce. Really a sad story.


Island Cove and Leisure Park
Friendly ostriches pose for a photo
Island Cove and Leisure Park
A Rufous Night Heron in his piercing gaze
Island Cove and Leisure Park
This is Bernie, a 16 feet long Burmese phyton
Island Cove and Leisure Park
Rabbit at the Aviary

Entrance fee: PhP 50 per person.

Go-Karts around the park

This one was what I enjoyed the most. Island Cove recently put up go-karts so guests can pedal around the premises. It also has go-karts for kids. I pedalled my way through the shaded pathways inside the park for over 15 minutes. It was actually my first time to try a go-kart and it was fun. I am sure my little cousins will love this new attraction. Note: they already removed the bicycle for rent and replaced it with this one, which, for me, is safer.

Island Cove and Leisure Park

Island Cove and Leisure Park

Fee: PhP 100 (per 15 minutes)

Horseback Riding in the Field

Get your cowboy boots on and ride a horse across the Island Cove’s field. You can also opt to ride a kalesa.

Island Cove and Leisure Park

Climb the King Crawler

Let your kids play and enjoy climbing at King Crawler, a vertical urban play structure. Island Cove recently installation of colorful rubber flooring (EPDM) for a safer play time for the kids. (I wasn’t able to take pictures of this attraction. Please see the website here to check out what it looks like).

Swim like a mermaid

At the Oceania Swim and Splash Park, you can now achieve your #mermaidgoals as Island Cove will be offering the Mermaid Swim Experience. Island Cove invited Ocean Conservation Advocate, Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver and Freelance Mermaid Performer, Amarie, along with her school of fellow mermaids, who will teach you the basics of swimming like a mermaid. I just think that the teachers should provide varying sizes of mermaid tails to cater to different sizes of students.

*Contact Island Cove for the per session rates. Mermaid lessons will start this March

Island Cove and Leisure Park
Mermaid teachers ready to give mermaid swimming lessons

Each session runs for two hours.
Fee: TBA

Shed off those carbs at Fit Club

Island Cove is also taking part in helping each and everyone become their best versions of themselves as they launched the program Fit Club Fitness Journey. Guests can earn rewards for having the biggest weight loss for a certain time period. The gym is pretty neat and it has lots of treadmills so you won’t wait in queue for your turn. It is also beside the spa.

Island Cove and Leisure Park

Go Kamayan at Fishing Village

The Fishing Village  is now offering the Kamayan menu which is good for 6 to 8 persons. The menu has three sets consistingo of different Filipino food such as kare-kare, sinigang na bangus, grilled liempo and tilapia, pancit bihon, pancit palabok, and more which encourages you to eat with your hands. I also like their appetizers placed in a sungka, which consists of mango, peanuts, fries, salted egg, calamares, and more.

Island Cove and Leisure Park
The Fishing Village cottages
Island Cove and Leisure Park
Sungka-themed appetizers
Island Cove and Leisure Park
Kamayan Set A
Island Cove and Leisure Park
Kamayan Set B

Price ranges from P2,800 to 3,300.

See the view at The Bayside Deck

The Bayside Deck is the latest addition to Island Cove’s inventory of function areas. Overlooking Manila Bay, yet air-conditioned, the 170-seater is perfect for events on sweltering days.

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Island Cove and Leisure Park

Try Sangley Point’s latest dishes

Sangley Point’s Western cuisine menu has been spiced up with new dishes too. Schedule a food trip and try the Starters Platter, Buffalo Chicken Burger, Linguine al Vongole, Rigatoni al Salmone, and the Madras Style Vegetable Curry.

Island Cove and Leisure Park
Buffalo Chicken Burger

For more information, you may log on to or call (02) 8107878 / (046) 434 0210. On social media, you may follow @IslandCoveHotelandLeisurePark on Facebook, and @islandcovephil on Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Awesome family friendly activities. And the food also looks delicious with lots of options. My kid is particularly excited about animals, as well as snakes. So your picture with the python made me feel she will have a super exciting time if she ever goes to Island Cove.

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