Coffee Matters Baguio City: Brewing with a View 

Coffee Matters Baguio City: Brewing with a View 

Coffee Matters Baguio City makes you enjoy your coffee with a view.

On our last day in Baguio City after the Creative Hub Exhibit launch at Malcolm Square, we had some free time for ourselves to buy pasalubong.

While some of my colleagues went off to buy their own, I decided I should take a sip of coffee first before roaming around the market and have lunch.

Coffee Matters Baguio City Experience

I was dropped off at Baguio Cathedral where a mass was ongoing. After spending about half an hour of praying, I went straight to look for a coffee shop to kill time and jot down some notes for my next write-ups.

On the left side of the Cathedral is Skyzone at Porta Vaga Mall, a viewing area where you can see a glimpse of commercial establishments and houses in the city.

coffee matters baguio city

coffee matters baguio city
City view at Skyzone

After checking out some pasalubong stalls and souvenirs shops where I bought my mother a knitted lime shawl and get awed by neat wood carvings being sold, I went to see available shops near the area. There’s a Starbucks, R & B Café and Library, Coffee Matters, and more.

I decided to check out Coffee Matters because it has a few customers that time and I wanted to enjoy some peace and quiet in one corner.

coffee matters baguio city
My view from the window at the second floor of Coffee Matters
coffee matters baguio city
Ordered air combat caramel latte

coffee matters baguio city


Aircraft Themed

Coffee Matters Baguio City has this whole aircraft theme. From its façade which has a giant aircraft display up to name of their coffees, the shops has somehow stayed true to their theme.

Because it was a couple of hours short for lunch, I decided to have Air Combat Caramel Latte and paired it a slice of chocolate cake (I know, I’ve had too much sugar since then night before but hello, it’s Baguio).

I went upstairs to its second floor where I am greeted with a higher view of the city. The view is unobstructed and the shop’s vibe is so serene you’ll forget you’re basically inside a mall and beside a cathedral with hundreds of people.

Their couches and chairs are for small groups, a couple, or even for soloists like me. That time, it was just me and another girl who I assumed is studying.

I wasn’t able to try their other meals and coffee but nevertheless, Coffee Matters left a mark on my heart.

It is a place to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. You have your good view. You’re comfortable with where you’re sitting. And you have all the serenity you need (at least for introverts like me). And that’s what makes sipping a cup of coffee a beautiful and exciting thing at the same time. For me, this is what Coffee Matters wants you to feel.

Coffee Matters is located at Cathedral Level, Porta Vaga Sky Zone

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