SM Greenbag: Hassle-free, Sustainable Shopping Even After Christmas

SM Greenbag: Hassle-free, Sustainable Shopping Even After Christmas

Christmas shopping means having to carry on multiple bags here and there to accommodate gifts, grocery items, and more.

Usually, shops tend to give out plastic or paper bags which just pile up in the house and add more to the growing tons of waste people produce each day.

For many who are in the hype of having multiple shopping trips to check off their Christmas gift list and buy groceries for the upcoming festivities, the need to have a reusable, eco-friendly bag is important.

Amidst going in and out of the supermarket and malls, having a handy, large, reusable bag you can always grab whenever and wherever you go is vital not only for the user, but to nature as well.

Green movement

The holiday season is not just about giving gift to one another. The use of multiple plastics and paper bags in shopping is unnecessary. It is important to also take note of its effects in the environment, even after the season has passed.

This is what SM Markets have been trying to push for the past 10 years with its reusable bags. SM Greenbag, the pioneer reusable bag introduced by the retailer, is made bigger and stronger for every shopper. It has a capacity which equates to two regular shopping bags, meaning it can store more than the usual bags,

Since its launch in 2007, 30 million instances that SM Greenbags have been used. This means that over 75 million plastics bags were saved.

“By strengthening the pioneering SM Greenbag, we aim to continue doing our part for the environment in a stronger and more exciting way and this affirms our commitment towards greener and more sustainable shopping,” Joey Mendoza, SM Supermarket President says.

SM Greenbag: Stylish, worry-free shopping

For this year, the limited edition SM Greenbag was made more stylish and shopper-friendly with its chevron waves of red and green which spells the holidays. Despite its holiday colors, one can still use it beyond the season and carry it all throughout the year because of its reusability and stylish, minimal designs.

Even after Christmas, users can still enjoy shopping big items with its spacious capacity. Not only in malls, the reusable bag can even be used to the gym, to carry essentials for your home, putting the laundry, and many more.

Storing them in places easy to find also helps, especially during sudden trips to the grocery store or in the mall, is also a way to make the most out of reusable bags. You can store them at the back of your door, in your car’s compartment, in your drawer beside your office table, or on top of your cabinet for easier location.

The retailer giant also launches the Join the M.O.B (MyOwnBag) campaign where the users receive incentives each time they bring their own bags during Wednesdays.

This Christmas, making an effort to cut back on plastic and paper bag usage is a great contribution to give back to the environment.

2 thoughts on “SM Greenbag: Hassle-free, Sustainable Shopping Even After Christmas”

  • I am glad that such initiatives are being taken up by prominent brands. Our environment is getting polluted and plastic bags have been a menace forever! The green bag is twice the capacity of a normal is a hearty news and it shall hopefully lead us all towards a much talked about sustainable lifestyle!

  • You gave a great idea, and you are absolutely right with saying that during the Christmas time we take home so many paper or plastic bags that we don’t use any more. The bags showed here are useful and I the pattern as well…

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