Travel in Style in Jeju and Okinawa Islands with Rakso Travel

Travel in Style in Jeju and Okinawa Islands with Rakso Travel
Prepare for an Instragram-worthy trip as Rakso Travel brings you to South Korea’s Jeju Island and Japan’s Okinawa.

This coming 2018, you are now inching closer to achieving your ultimate feed goals as Rakso Travel offers affordable chartered packages to Korea and Japan’s off the beaten destinations.
Aside from the ever favorite travel escapades such as Seoul and Tokyo, you can now step into the settings of Jeju Island and Okinawa, just like what you see in the movies.
Mt. Halla in Jeju Island


Rakso Travel
Kokusai Street in Okinawa
Jeju Island, the largest island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, boasts of its stunning resorts and pristine beaches. The adventurer can also choose to hike mountain trails or bask in the beauty of volcanic landscapes.
On the other hand, Okinawa Island prides itself on its rich history as you can marvel at the beauty of Shuri Castle, found in Ryukyu Kingdom. After this, you can know more about the place by spending a day at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum for it natural and cultural heritage.
Rakso Travel
Okinawa Peace Memorial Park

Reap Points with R-POINTS

Rakso Travel’s loyalty program called R-POINTS lets you reap the rewards you deserve after you avail their amazing chartered packages.
While loyalty program among tour companies is a common thing, Rakso Travel’s special program not only lets you earn points through your travels. Referring a friend can also earn you more points. You can also redeem valuable points, for a minimum of 500 points,  through your points like gift vouchers for amusement parks and more.
So here’s to give you a glimpse of their pointing system:
INTL TICKET           –  10 pts.
FREE&EASY/ CRUISE    – 20 – 50 pts
GIT PACKAGE           – 10% of the Price per person
REFERRALS           – 100 pts for every first transaction of referrals
Your account is also for a lifetime, as long as you make transactions within three.
So what are you waiting for? This 2018, it’s time to tick off that bucket list early and be mesmerized by Korea and Japan’s off the beaten destinations.
Pack your bags, and be ready to conquer the world with Rakso Travel.
  • JD Ringon, Sales and Marketing Associate of Rakso Travel

About Rakso Travel

Rakso Travel, one of the leading travel and tours company in the Philippines, catering to different destinations in the world, provides international programs all over the six continents. It specializes in individual tours, group tours, customized tours, and incentive group tours.
It’s banking on international top pick such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, and Japan. Rakso Travel also offers international theme tours to European destinations.

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