Women should always empower each other. They should not pin each other down. Rather, they should continue to inspire, elevated, uplift, and be more supportive to their fellows–as we all know we can understand other better than anyone else.

This is why I am always inspired by people who create a change for womanity. 

Age Defying Solutions founder and CEO Aiza Diuco believe that women should help each other rise by sharing their skills and know-how, by mentoring, and volunteering their time to ensure that every woman is given a chance to have a better future.

The Glupa Women’s Club

She recently founded The Glupa Women’s Club, a club by women for women. The young CEO will kick off the club’s activities with a series of talks and workshops aimed to help women in the metro and beyond harness the female power. She sees the club as a civic organization and a way of giving back to the community which has been very good to her.

Ms. Diuco is no stranger to hardships. She has shared with the writer the struggles she had to face when she first started in the beauty industry – from giving up a lifestyle to which she had grown accustomed to picking up the pieces of her shattered life.

Ms. Diuco is grateful for her education, her work experience, and love for research. Because of these, she was able to realize her life’s biggest dream – to start her own business.

Some might dismiss her success and underestimate the amount of hard work she has put into making her company grow. They might even say she was already rich to begin with, and that her father probably gave her the money to start her company.

While she is grateful for the love and support of her family, Ms. Diuco can proudly say that Age Defying Solutions is the result of her hard work. It was a backyard business which has grown exponentially over the years, thanks to her stellar stewardship and the amazing people she works with.

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