The Famous Pangasinan ‘Death Pool’ is Actually Called ‘Depth Pool’

The Famous Pangasinan ‘Death Pool’ is Actually Called ‘Depth Pool’

Cabongaoan Beach in Burgos, Pangasinan has been gaining tourists’ interest in the past years after it has been featured in major television shows and online magazines. Aside from the beach, what probably made beachgoers more attracted to this beach is not only its pristine waters and laidback vibe but with its famously-dubbed “Death Pool.”

But let’s set the record straight. I learned two things about this place recently. And I know that many are not informed about this too.

Pangasinan Death Pool Photo by Ramir G. Cambiado
Pangasinan Death Pool Photo by Ramir G. Cambiado

Fact # 1: The Pangasinan ‘Death Pool’ is actually named as Depth Pool.

Pangasinan Tourism Office Miss Malu Amor-Elduayan told me this is something they want to inform people, especially visitors.

The term “Death Pool” is actually misleading. Sometimes even, it may bring a negative notion that this area is actually dangerous.

She also stressed that LGUs call it as Depth Pool and not Death Pool. The features about the natural pool, especially the one featured in a magazine-format show, has somehow started the term “Death Pool,” probably because it the two words sounds similar.

And since then, and after a dozen of articles found online calling it as “Death Pool,” many think that the natural pool can be deadly.

If one can observe, the pool is in itself thrilling and really not for the faint hearted. As seen on a feature in a new magazine show, swimmers jump into the pool as big waves from the sea crashes in its walls, making them looked like they are being washed out. The sight is actually thrilling.

Pangasinan Death Pool Photo by Ramir G. Cambiado
Pangasinan Death Pool Photo by Ramir G. Cambiado

Fact # 2: Depth Pool is not deadly


But this natural pool and the area it is situated is perfect for families with kids. Kids can frolic by the small natural pools. And for the record, the tourism office says there have been no records of casualties or death in the Depth Pool, so there is no need to see it as a dangerous site.

Fact # 3: This Depth Pool is not located in Burgos. It is in the boundary of Agno

Yes, Cabongaoan Beach is in Burgos. But no, Depth Pool is actually located in the boundary of Agno, Pangasinan. It is just that this “Death Pool” can be easily accessed via Cabongaoan Beach in Burgos that it got associated with the town.

Even local offices have already acknowledged this fact and locals would like to spread awareness that the Depth Pool and Cabongaoan Beach are not located in the same area.

Moreover, I also learned that the Pangasinan Tourism Office is working closely with the local tourism offices to manage the flock of tourists in the area. In fact, the roads bound to the beach are still being constructed when the destination received its sudden fame, thus the tourism offices were underprepared. Right now, they are fast-tracking the development of plans for managing tourists.

This vital information is important for the identity of the destinations we go. We should not take away their origins and we should be responsible enough to know more a place, more than strolling around it and taking pictures. Let’s contribute and help the locals in our little way through being responsible. That’s the least that we can do. Let us respect each place we go to, and the locals who are caretakers of these paradises.

Let’s now be informed, guys! I was once an uninformed traveler and I hope this starts a whole new perspective of the place, in a good way. Hoping this would reach many readers, especially those who have been in the area and who are planning to go there.


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