Baler Weekend Itinerary: A Quick First Timer Getaway

Baler Weekend Itinerary: A Quick First Timer Getaway

Going to Baler, Aurora on a quick  trip? Check this Baler weekend itinerary to help you out for your two day adventure.

I haven’t been to Baler, Aurora until last September when a former colleague and I decided to spend a weekend there. We only had two days, so we had to plan on what to do, and what to forego, because of the time constraints.

A fun-filled morning of surfing lessons in Sabang Beach

It was both our first time to visit Baler. Vanessa and I vowed to make the most out of our time there, enjoy, and celebrate her birthday.

Here are some of the places we went to and the things we did during the course of our two-day trip:

Surfing in Baler

Of course, you have not experienced Baler if you did not get the chance to surf. According to our instruction, surfing in Baler peaks during October to February. We went there on September but the waves, according to our instructors, are just perfect for beginners.

Surfing boards for rent at The Circle

We are fortunate to meet surfers and instructors during our stay at The Circle Hostel who taught us surfing for an hour.

Surfing in Baler

If you’d like to book surfing lessons, you may contact El Dawn Surfing School at 09488641116.

Sabang Beach Strolling

Aside from surfing, you can just stroll by the beach of Sabang in the afternoon or early morning. You can also rent a bike for an hour.

What to See in Baler

Going around town is easier if you rent a tricycle. For a half day tour, we paid PhP 500. This covers the following:

Ermita Hills

Ermita Hills is the first stop. Our tricycle driver who also served as our tour guide said that a tsunami called “Tromba Marina” hit the old settlement of Baler, in Brgy. Sabang.

Baler Bay as viewed from Ermita Hills
The statues depicts how the survivors try to reach Ermita Hills as the Tromba Marina engulfs Baler

Only a few families–including Angaras, Bijasas, Bitongs, Lumasacs, Carrascos, and Pobletes, where the ones who survived as they evacuated in Ermita Hill. As a reminder of how this has helped the survivors of Baler, there were statues of people–men and women carrying kids–trying to climb the steep hill for survival.

On top of Ermita Hill you can see the views of Baler Bay. There are parking spaces and souvenir shops in the area too.

Zabali Hanging Bridge

The hanging bridge is for the purpose of locals crossing the river which separates Brgy. sabang and Brgy. Tibang.

Zabali Hanging Bridge connects Brgy. Sabang and Brgy. Tibang

Crossing the bridge gives you a sense of excitement and fear, especially for those who are a little afraid of heights. But really, you do not need to fear anything as it is concrete and it is a little steady, unlike other hanging bridges which are rocking. While crossing the bridge, shades of green will welcome you–from the long and vast river and the trees surrounding the areas. On the other side of the bridge is a small community with friendly locals. There are a few stores selling souvenir items too.

Diguisit Beach and Rock Formations

If you are a non-surfer, you can spend a day at Diguisit Beach and frolic into its dark blue waters. What’s amazing about this beach are its stunning rock formations.

The rock formations breaks the laidback beach vibe and is perfect for photo ops Photo by Vanessa Estinozo
If you are not the surfing type, Diguisit Beach has a laidback vibe

Diguisit Falls

For me, Diguisit Falls is one of the falls that are very easy to reach. It is located just near the road. You can climb up to the falls for up to five to ten minutes and deep into its cool waters. It has a small swimming pool.

Diguisit Falls is just a couple of minutes away from the road

Old Balete Tree

Thie 600-year old bewitching tree is not located in Baler but in Maria Aurora. However, you can still inject this into your half day tour. The ride from Baler to to the Old Balete Tree takes a tad long so this will probably your last stop for the half day tour.

Even when the massive tree looks so scary to explore, you will still get encouraged to check it out for yourself as kids and toddlers (with their parents) even go in its insides.

Inside the Old Balete Tree. Photo by Vanessa Estinozo

There is a small opening just enough for a single person to enter but once inside, several people can actually fit in. Its big branches and stems are a sight to see and you will see the rays of light illuminating inside the tree, which gives the enchanting vibe.

Be careful though as you walk because of some branches you might tripped on and there are also big ants.

It is prohibited to climb the tree beyond three meters but there are still some who go beyond the limits. There is an entrance fee of Php 10.00.

The entrance of the Old Balete Tree. Photo by Vanessa Estinozo

Museo de Baler

After the half day tour and lunch, we rested for a while and then went to the town’s proper to check out Museo de Baler and Dona Aurora House.

Museo de Baler houses the documents that proves the rich history of the place, as well as some mementos from the Baler movie (starring Jericho Rosales and Ann Curtis) which also showcases significant events in the place.

Dona Aurora House

When you visit Museo de Baler, the ticket also gives you an entrance at Dona Aurora House just a few streets away from it. The house, which was reconstructed for tourism purposes, gives a peek on Dona Aurora’s household–including their kitchen and study area.


How to Get There

  1. Ride a Joy Bus bound to Baler, Aurora. Fare is PhP 650 for semi-deluxe. It has free snacks (biscuits and a bottle of water)
  2. From the terminal, ask the tricycle driver to drop you at your hostel. Fare is PhP 30.

Where to Stay

For our weekend Baler adventure, we stayed at The Circle Hostel. The place is perfect for solo travelers and barkada who would love to have a laidback vibe accommodation.

At the charging/resting area of Circle Hostel

Where to Eat

The Circle Hostel has The Eats where it serves dishes like Chicken Teriyaki. We also had coffee and snacks at Charlie Does Cafe and had dinner at The Good Food Project which serves some great liempo meals.

Charlie Does Cafe

Where to Drink

Baler has an array of booze sites to choose from. For our stay, we decided to try out Cauti Bar and Grill. And then after a couple of beers, we headed to Yellow Fin Bar and Grill just along the same Buton street.

At Cauti Bar and Grill just in front of The Circle

There are tricycles there waiting outside the bar so if you want to go somewhere even when it’s late at night, you need not to worry. Be careful though, of course, as I am not sure if the tricycle drivers are available until the wee hours.

Sample Baler Weekend Itinerary

12 mn-5am                 Travel to Baler from Cubao

Day 1

5am-6:00am               Breakfast

6:00am-6:30am        Early check-in at Circle Hostel

6:30am-9am               Tour

Diguisit Falls, Diguisit Beach, Hanging Bridge)

9am-11am                     Travel and tour for Old Balete Tree

11am-1pm                      Lunch

1pm-3pm                         Back to Hostel, rest

3pm-5pm                          Musuem tour

5pm-6pm                          Snack at Charlie Does

6pm-7pm                           Stroll by the beach

7pm-8pm                           Dinner

8pm-onwards                 Bar hop

Day 2

8am-9am                          Breakfast

9am-11am                       Surf

11am-12pm                    Lunch (and buy pasalubong too)

12pm-onwards             Back to Manila




11 thoughts on “Baler Weekend Itinerary: A Quick First Timer Getaway”

  • hi
    well bought out article , u have covered i guess options for the surfer , the non surfer , the photographer and the history buff too 🙂 in addition to the cost economics and stay essentials


  • This looks like so much fun! Hope you had a great time, I’ll have to sort out a trip to do surf again! It was great fun last time I done it! Thanks for sharing

  • The island seems like a quiet one. Circle Hostel’s vibes are pretty cool. I too will be soon looking to learn surfing. I just made a small documentary on a surfing festival here in India, and have got interested in learning surfing ( I hear India’s west coast is similar to the september waves you mention on the island

    Another fascinating thing is the carved out art work of the times when there was no camera. Artwork is our only window to the past, and I hope its not true, since a lot of history is concocted 🙂

  • Wow! I hope na master mo na ang surfing. 🙂
    Ang ganda pala sa Baler. I haven’t been to Aurora province too pero since detailed and article mo, I’d use it on my adventure pag napadpad ako sa Baler. (Hopefully).

    More power to your blog. 🙂

    • hahaha. konting practice pa. Mas nag-enjoy ako dito sa Baler kesa sa Real, though gusto ko ulit bumalik sa Real since di ako masyadong nakapag-surf dun nung may tour tayo. Anyway, maganda sa Baler, isama mo sina wife and baby girl. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Neil!

  • What a trip! I am not that much in the water sports. But I would love to see Diguisit Falls and also take a walk on that wooden bridge. Just thinking how amazing the views must be from the middle of that bridge!

  • Such a wonderful time you seemed to have! The Chicken Teriyaki at Charlie Does Cafe looks delicious! And the The Circle Hostel seems to be the ideal place to stay, would consider this if I ever pass by!

  • For a change, this post from a Filippino wasn’t about your glorious beaches , ha ha ha..and I was quite spooked to see the statues of those people climbing the hill to escape the terrible typhoon. It tells a lot about the empathy of the local community.Really. Please enlarge the images to add a dash of majesty to your blog which otherwise is superb.

  • Hi, Gelyka! Your post gave me an idea on where to go next month! Haha Baler looks like a sleepy but hip town. I can only imagine myself sitting on the boardwalk, people-watching and listening to the waves all day. 🙂

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