I Ditched the Corporate World to Find the Balance of Work and Play

I Ditched the Corporate World to Find the Balance of Work and Play

Someone once told me it will be different outside the box. It will be hard. It will not be the same as what I am used to—clock in and out, monthly pay check, yearly team buildings and all. Yes, it is different. But for me, amidst the risk you have to endure with freelancing, it is better on my end. It is all worth it.

I have always been the pursuer of dreams. In college, I am a brave heart. I yearn for knowledge. For new learning. For experiences that will equip me to learn more. And to do more.

But there was a phase in my life where I do not know where to go. Much as I work hard to oblige and to meet people’s expectations, how ever unrealistic they were, I still feel like I am chasing nothing. I obediently comply. No ifs, no buts. I say sorry. I apologize. And I try more. Even harder.

But maybe some time in our lives we will realize battles which are not worth pursuing. No matter how hard you try to prove your worth and do your best, maybe that is something that is not for you.

And you will never know unless you go out and see more of what life has to offer.

Shifting to working the non-traditional way

I realized that there is more to life than being boxed in the office. I mean, in this digital age, the balance of work and play should be more capitalized than merely working our ass off for salaries that barely make ends meet. Worse is that after this hard work, you sacrifice your time on things that matter than the paycheck.

And so i shifted to a digital nomad lifestyle–something I never regretted.

work and play

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Seeing the worth of family and self

Yes, we need to work. And yes, we need time for our personal life. Some may say this is not possible. You need to work hard to give more to your loved ones. While I do not question people’s notion on this, I know that work and play should always come together, to make life better and more worth of living.

Giving more time at work, say over time work, plus the never ending saga on EDSA’s traffic, rude cab drivers, unfortunate events on the road, are something you need to reconsider.

work and play

I gave up on these things.

Choosing to find the balance of work and play also means giving more time for your self. Before you even take care of yourself, you need to look after your very own body. It’s yours! And it’s you who will eventually suffer when your body gives up on you.

The balance of work and play

Nope. I honestly do not have the concrete answers. The exact formula cannot be found in this blog post nor on Google or from life coaches. I believe you need to create a way on how to find it. Take the first step to find the balance.

I can’t say I did it but I am continuously practicing. I am far from it.

But I am learning each day. And each day after I decided to find that middle ground I have been looking for, I can’t feel but be happy and fulfilled. And if your heart is filled with so much joy and willpower, I know I am on top of my game.

13 thoughts on “I Ditched the Corporate World to Find the Balance of Work and Play”

  • It’s nice to see you found an ideal way to combine both work and travel! I wish I could do the same, but I’m more of a ‘home-house-spouse’ kind of girl. But that hasn’t stopped me from travelling, and it never will! Good luck on your new journey, all the best!

  • That’s nice to hear an honest and heartfelt post from you. Loved the lines ” But maybe some time in our lives we will realize battles which are not worth pursuing. No matter how hard you try to prove your worth and do your best, maybe that is something that is not for you.” and the image of your laptop by the sea! All the best for your new journey!

  • I say, you go girl! You are now living the life that I want and cannot do in this moment of my life. That takes a lot of courage because you really have to get out of your comfort zone. I did try to become a digital nomad myself when I resigned from my previous job. I was out of work for 2 months, I wasn’t as lucky, but I was also ill prepared, didn’t have savings to fall back into and I wasn’t as determined to find that job that will allow me to do it for full time. So I look at people like you and always thought that you guys are lucky. If you have found ways to travel and work at the same time, that’s really amazing. Good luck on your adventure and career, keep inspiring people!

  • It’s healthy to always find life and balance. I’m proud of you, stepping out of your comfort zone. Corporate world is not for everyone, I gave up this life 4 years ago and I must say I am really happy where I am right now. keep going and learn for more! This life has to offer! Cheers to you brave heart! X

  • I am glad to know that you are following your passion.It sucks when you have to live a life which you don’t want to live and work your ass off to make ends meet and ultimately you end up doing nothing but living a life filled with regrets .I just hope I don’t land up having a life like that after finishing college

  • I am happy that you took the plunge. I like reading posts like these because that is what I want to do myself down the line. Just not feeling prepared enough at the moment. But maybe I will a few years down the line.

  • It is always a difficult decision to take the plunge and go completely free-lance. But ultimately when you do free yourselves off the shackles of corporatedom, the benefits are innumerable. The freedom and flexibility is indeed exhilarating.

  • If i were single, i would have chosen to be a nomad. That is what i really want. Im happy you were able to do it gel. Hoping for more success no matter where you are.

  • i have thought about this so much but somehow have not yet had the will to take the plunge , i know it is possible but yet the uncertainty is something that worries me especially when there are responsibilities of others on the shoulder

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