Hong Kong Disneyland’s Disney Explorers Lodge Gives A Whole New Meaning To Exotic Getaway

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Disney Explorers Lodge Gives A Whole New Meaning To Exotic Getaway

Staying in a hotel that gives you all the rest and relaxation you need after a day’s tour and travel is one thing. But checking in to a hotel to gives a whole new experience of exotic getaway and adventurous explorers while within its vicinity is another.

In Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, the Disney Explorer’s Lodge was welcomed as an addition to its growing family of accommodations for every family. This 750-roomed resort hotel takes pride in its distinct and one-of-a-kind theme of exotic exploration.

For the heads of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, the Disney Explorers Lodge was created on a whole new level of world class guest service.

Disney Explorers Lodge
Receiving area Photo by Gelyka Ruth R. Dumaraos

Inside Disney Explorers Lodge

The story of Disney Explorers Lodge starts off with the time when explorers who built the lodge put up all the memorabilia they gathered from around the world. A touch of Disney magic was in mind when this was put up. The explorers–Disney characters like Mickey the Explorer, Minnie the Adventuress, Goofy the Pilot, and Donald the Bird Watcher, were all dressed up in their explorers’ get-up. In this lodge you will find the artifacts, specimens, and souvenirs they all brought together.


Disney Explorers Lodge

Disney Explorers Lodge

Disney Explorers Lodge
Interesting Donald books’ from his explorations. Photo by Gelyka Dumaraos

The rooms

Nearly 70% of the rooms can be connected in Disney Explorers Lodge, allowing guests the flexibility of both personal space and the ability to communicate with friends and family in adjacent rooms. “Disney In The Stars” fireworks can be viewed in close to 50 rooms, while some rooms feature bay windows overlooking the sea view or gardens below.

Overall, the rooms are elegant, high-end, extremely comfortable and designed as if the outdoors were brought inside. Wall coverings and lights in the hallways for each wing were also inspired by the hotel’s four unique themes.

Each room features a large mirror and a drum-shaped stool, while there are also four different types of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse tiki-styled masks on the headboards styled after each wing.

Disney Explorers Lodge
Every room is equipped with two queen sized beds to accommodate larger families. Photo by Gelyka Ruth R. Dumaraos
  • Disney Explorers Lodge

Every detail in the resort hotel is connected with the grand explorers’ story Hong Kong Disneyland wants to convey. From its more than 1,000 artifacts and memorabilia on display throughout the hotel to the four distinctly themed outdoor gardens to the four wings it was divided–Oceania, South America, Africa and Asia. The wings also have corresponding gardens that complete the whole resort theme. When one wants to go for a swim, guests can also relax by the Rain Drop Pool.

Disney Explorers Lodge
Here’s a photo of me in one of their themed garden.

The food

Every explorers need to pause for a while to fill in their stomach. At Disney Explorers Lodge, guests can choose from an array of restaurants that cater to different regions. Savor Chinese delights at Dragon Wind where Disney characters appear every breakfast time. Check out international cuisine at the World of Color Restaurant and revel on its minimalist yet enticing aura. In the afternoon, you can sip a cup of freshly brewed coffee and grab a couple of sandwiches at the Chart Room Cafe.

Disney Explorers Lodge
Who can’t resist these sweets? Photo by Gelyka Dumaraos
Disney Explorers Lodge
Must-try at The Dragon Wind. Photo from Burson-Martseller

Guests need not to check out empty handed, of course. At The Trading Post, they can buy souvenir items exclusively distributed by Hong Kong Disneyland.

Staying within the bounds of Disney Explorers Lodge feels like you also toured the world–from places, history, and even food.

If you are visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, then seeing (and staying) at Disney Explorers ‘Lodge must be a must!

Here are some helpful links to help you out on your Disney Explorers’ Lodge trip:

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How about you? Have you been to Disney Explorers Lodge? Tell me about your experience!




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    • Hi! This is actually a hotel. No rides but you can roam around its gardens and it will all be enjoying for the kids. That’s for sure! You can always have a shuttle going to Disneyland for the thrilling rides.

  • Disney theme can never fail! I like how well they have used this theme in the interiors and accessories. Those footwears are really cute. 🙂 And the food… OMG! I love them all. 🙂

  • I haven’t been to any Disneyland or Disneyworld. We don’t have kids so that has spared us from amusement parks 😀 I didn’t know there is a Disney one in Hong Kong too. Otherwise, I would very much like to visit Hong Kong and hope to get the chance in the next few years 🙂 (If not this year, as we’re going to Asia in November and haven’t bought the flight tickets yet…)

  • This looks like an amazing hotel. The rooms are lovely and the themes would be absolutely adored by my kids. I bet they won’t leave dragon wind or a single sweet in that box 🙂 . I am sure you could relive your childhood here

  • woow! what a place. I have fallen in love with the Disney explorer’s lodge. It is like living a Disney life full size. Disney theme for food as well! I m totally impressed.

  • Disney has a way to treat its guests royally. I am not a foodie but I would like to stay at this place if it has vegetarian stuff. For me, vegetarian means NOT HAVING ANY EGG. The rooms look resplendent and inviting.

  • Wow!!! You stayed at one of the disney resort hotels!!! The happiest place to be 🙂 glad you enjoyed your stay! I hope to stay there too maybe if I visit hk again. Hmmm Can’t wait to check your disney experience!!!

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