Always On The Go? Here Are The Reasons Why Taking Vitamins Is Vital

Always On The Go? Here Are The Reasons Why Taking Vitamins Is Vital

Are you a busy mom who balances career and her family’s health?  Someone who is always on the lookout for your next adventure? Or are you that woman who is always juggling work and play?

We are all on the same level of juggling tasks and responsibilities that we oftentimes forget to check on ourselves. Above the duties and all the responsibilities one entails, it is always important to take note of one’s self, especially her health.

For the working woman

The good thing about taking care of ourselves is that it isn’t that hard. All you need is the willingness to take time and listen to your body, and find partners who can help you achieve your goal.

Say, you wanted to get fit. Then you find a trainer and go to the gym. Say you want to pursue a sport. Then find a group where you can share your own interests with.

vitamin c
Working girl? Always equip your body with its much needed vitamins to keep you in tiptop shape

When it comes to health, there are a lot of options to look on. The best thing you can do is to start with what you are eating. Make sure what you are taking in to your body are clean and healthy.

Start with eating fruits which can give vitamins that your body needs. Another thing you should take into consideration is adding Vitamin C supplements for the body to boost the immune system.

Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin that the body needs in order to be protected against common colds and diseases and to boost immune system.

Aside from boosting the immune system, it also helps in bone maintenance and the normal functioning of the blood vessels. Aside from these, vitamin c also aids in the formation of collagen in the body and iron absorption. This way, the body is more energized.

For the busy moms

For busy mothers, there will always be a partner in protecting your child’s health. While you are busy with work, it is inevitable for kids to be at risk of catching a flu and other diseases when not supervised. Vitamin C helps to prevent them from catching one, especially colds.

vitamin c
Mothers are always the number one worrier when it comes to their kidz’ health

Check if your kid has symptoms of vitamin c deficiency. Usually, they sustain injuries and the healing process might take a little long. If they keep on catching colds, then their immune system might be weak because of the vitamin C deficiency. Also, they are easily tired and less energetic all throughout the day.

For kids, mothers should make sure they eat fruit juices like oranges and grapes to give them ample vitamin c in the body. Stack on vegetables like carrots, tomato, cantaloupe, and broccoli.

vitamin c
FERN-C Kidz helps in boosting your child’s immune system

An alternative way of taking in vitamin c is through supplements. In the country, the leading provider of vitamin C, FERN-C, has introduced its profuct for the kids—FERN-C Kidz.

FERN-C Kidz is a sodium ascorbate vitamin which has an orange flavor. Kids will absolutely not resist taking in the supplement because it taste a lot like the usual oranges they eat. The supplement also comes with Zinc so the kids will have an added immunity for them.

The best thing about the FERN-C Kidz is that it maintains the basic pH level of 7.5 to 7.8 since it’s a sodium ascorbate. Meaning, you’re stomach will not get upset and you can take it even without meals.

With vitamin C, adults and young ones need not to worry about catching a flu or getting sick in an instant.

For ladies who are busy with their work, you can exhaust all possibilities and live life without any restrictions from possible health conflicts because you are equipped. Mothers too need not to worry on their child’s health because vitamin C got their kids covered.

For more information about FERN-C Kidz, visit their site or their Facebook page.

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