Listen To Your Body: Why You Need To Start Prioritizing Your Health

Listen To Your Body: Why You Need To Start Prioritizing Your Health

Back when I had an office job, afternoon breaks would mean opening up a bag of junk food, downing at least two cups of coffee, or going to the nearest street food stall and munch on hotdogs, fishball, dynamite, and whatever my tummy desires.

Come dinner time, I usually east fast food, or in restaurants with unli rice (I know, I’m always hungry!).  And again, coffee before going home.

And while I eat sinful servings each day, I do not have any exercise at all. Even those simple climbing-the-stairs or brisk walking exercises are out of my daily routine. You see, my office is just a jeep away and my dorm up to the jeepney terminal was like a two-minute walk only.

I started feeling unwell, of course. I have gone through this for almost more than a year. I can’t breathe well. I’m always tired and I gained weight.

Sometime ago, I once saw an article saying that you should listen to your body because it gives signs that your health might not be in good condition. Though I did not seek a doctor’s advise, I know something is wrong and I need to focus on it before it gets too late.

I know I should get alarmed. Why? Diabetes and hypertension run my family. And that’s really scary. My father is undergoing dialysis and to be honest, I really wouldn’t want to end up doing it too. Number one is that it’s nerve-wracking and two, it comes with a hefty price.

The move

A month before I shifted to being a digital nomad, I started working on the food I eat and to at least have some physical activities on the side. I got a membership to a nearby gym and I started ordering half rice. Haha!

And so when I already had flexible hours during my freelance work, I go the gym and do cardio workouts for an hour. I saw how I can now breathe the normal way and I am not too tired and too helpless anymore.

As for the food, I am slowly trying to eat fruits (not that I hate them but I’m not just so into eating them) and vegetables (well, I love some vegetables too).

Do some body work

Go to the gym. Photo by Pexels

I have always been to mountain climbing before. And because I was an office girl, I seldom have exercises that I usually pant at mere five minutes of trekking. Instead of having exercises when I had the time, I usually opt to just rest all day in bed and binge watch Narcos or Game of Thrones which is really, really pretty bad for the body.

A coach friend once told me that one has to really take the time to have physical activities injected in their everyday routine. For one, try walking instead of taking jeepney or climb the stairs rather than taking the elevator.

You may also try enrolling to zumba classes, yoga, cross fit, gym, or wherever you are interested in. The important thing is that your body is moving around regularly.

As for me, I think doing cardio workout is a pretty good start. J

Eat clean food

Photo by pexels

Okay, here comes the tricky part. What if you love eating food but you want to lose weight? I am guilty of this. Sometimes, I usually say, “I go to the gym so I can eat more.” Haha. I know, that’s pretty ridiculous. But I found a solution this dilemma. I once attend a forum about opting for alternatives that could give more nutrients and replace high-calorie and high-cholesterol food.

One example of this are potatoes!  Potatoes, especially those which grow from the US, have lots of nutrients to boot.

For one, US Potatoes contains 45 percent of vitamin C which has more than content than sweet potato or the medium tomato.  This means when eating US potatoes, our body has antioxidants which stabilizes free radicals and works against cellular damage.

It helps in collagen production as well as assists in iron absorption. If you always have wounds, Vitamin C in US potatoes can keep your wounds heal fast and your gum healthy.

They can also be beneficial as it comes with fiber which helps in weight loss. Having fiber in the body makes you feel full. Aside from these, US Potatoes are also good for source of potassium—much more than what bananas could give, as well as vitamin B6 for carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

Potatoes for the heart

US Potatoes
US Potatoes. Photo from Pexels

What I really like about potatoes is that its benefits for the heart. While doing some cardio workouts to pump up your heart and keep the circulation of the blood on the normal level, why not inject some US potatoes in your diet too?

Here are some of the benefits of US Potatoes for the heart:

  • cholesterol-free and have zero saturated fat
  • good source of potassium and low in sodium
  • good source of fiber
  • good source of vitamin c

All in all, making US Potatoes as your source of nutrients are perfect for people who have an active lifestyle. Athletes like runners and physical fitness enthusiasts would greatly benefit from this as it boosts performance and endurance.

So now, you’re asking, how do we prepare US Potatoes dishes? Check out the recipes below I sourced from US Potatoes Facebook page:

Above beating deadlines and burying yourself to work, we have to take care of our bodies first. We wouldn’t be able to do the things we wanted to do if our body can’t do it anymore.

Live life to the fullest, take control of your life and prioritize you health.

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Potatoes USA.

Potatoes USA is America’s potato marketing and research organization. Based in Denver, Colorado, Potatoes USA represents more than 2,500 potato growers and handlers across the country. Potatoes USA was established in 1971 by a group of potato growers to promote the benefits of eating potatoes. Today, as the largest vegetable commodity board, Potatoes USA is proud to be recognized as an innovator in the produce industry.

Know more about them in this link or you may want to follow them on Facebook.


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