Aeta Community Outreach Program June 2017 at Sitio Target, Angeles City

Aeta Community Outreach Program June 2017 at Sitio Target, Angeles City

Though it has been four days since we did the Aeta community outreach program for our friends in Sitio Target, Angeles City, my heart is still overjoyed for the heartfelt experience we had.

I planned the outreach program for a month and I am glad I was able to encourage participants from my friends and to a couple of readers from this blog too. I was happy too that after sending a couple of email proposals for a few companies, FERN-C  was able to grant sponsorship for the outreach program. 🙂

And so last Saturday, we had our Aeta community outreach program for Aeta kids where we gave out school supplies and vitamins for some 50 students. The vitamins provided by FERN-C were FERN-C Kidz, a sodium ascorbate vitamin C which boosts the immune system. This will be beneficial to their health as we know that a lot of Aeta kids are malnourished. Because it is sodium ascorbate, FERN-C Kidz can be taken even without taking their meals yet.

We also prepared snacks for them–pancit, hotdog, juice, and cupcake.

Aeta Community in Pampanga: An Immersion in Sitio Target, Angeles City

I am thankful that my former colleagues Joshua and Vanessa came with me. Nash, my college friend who was tired and sleepless that time also came to volunteer. One reader of this blog, Jessy, also volunteered with her friends. We had out meet-up in Cubao at 6am where the van we rented was waiting for us.

aeta community
Miss Jessy together with the kids. Photo by Gelyka Dumaraos

We arrived in Angeles City at around 9am and we picked up Teacher Vheng and her family. She said that during Saturdays when she has to go up in Sitio Target to help volunteers, she usually tags along her husband and their daughter as their way of bonding moment.

Since we were riding a private vehicle, the ride going there was just a breeze (albeit some rough roads leading up to the Sitio). I observed how the roads there have been cemented unlike before when riding a tricycle going there also means embracing the heat, dust, and the rocky paths.

Aeta Community Outreach at Sitio Target Itinerary and Program

From the drop off point, we need to carry the giveaways and the food we brought to the school.

aeta community
FERN-C donated 50 notebooks, pencil case, ballpens, and vitamins with paper bags. Photo by Gelyka Dumaraos
aeta community
We arranged the paper bags with vitamins and some biscuits in their bookshelves. Photo by Gelyka Dumaraos

Since a lot of stakeholders pitch in for budget for the improvement of the school, the facilities are now a better place to learn. It has a nice library housing hundreds of books, encyclopedias and other learning materials. It also has a couple of computer, two boxes of soccer ball, and even science instruments.

The school also has a small area for cooking, especially for volunteers who will be doing feeding program.

Cooking time

Joshua volunteered to cook pancit and hotdog with the help of some of the parents in the community. Ate Pate and Ate Remy, who lived in Sitio Target since birth and are now parents to cute kids helped and chatted with us.

aeta community
We cooked pancit and hotdog with the kids and their parents. Photo by Vanessa Estinozo
aeta community
One parent, Ate Remy, volunteered to help us in the cooking. Photo by Gelyka Dumaraos
aeta community
We were able to feed hundreds of kids instead of 50! Photo by Gelyka Dumaraos

Aeta Community Outreach at Sitio Target, Angeles City, Pampanga


It was a relief when Teacher Vheng said they prepared a program for us. Honestly, I was thinking that we will have a hard time doing the program as there were almost a hundred kids in the school. Teacher Vheng said that this is just an ordinary scene: When you call on 50 kids, most likely it will double up as they will call their other siblings and playmates in the community. Nevertheless, it was still nice seeing them perform their dance numbers.

Aeta community outreach program
The kids prepared a couple of dance performances for us. Photo by Vanessa Estinozo

Giving out school supplies

It was a blessing that FERN-C sponsored 50 school supplies (notebook, pen, and pencil case) for the kids. They also give out paper bags and vitamins (sodium ascorbate) for kids so we were really happy that we gave out more than what I expected.

aeta community
Volunteers handing out the school supplies. Photo by Vanessa Estinozo
aeta community
Kids pose with their school supplies. Photo by Nash de Leon
aeta community
Kids pose with their FERN-C Kidz paper bags with vitamins. Photo by Nash de Leon

Some volunteers added a few school supplies like pencil, eraser, sharpener, and pad papers. Shout to Miss Jessy Oliveros (whom I met through this blog) and to her friend Merlinda and Roma who came with us in that blessed afternoon.

Birthday Solo Travel: Ocular Visit at Sitio Target

Aeta community outreach program details

aeta community outreach program
We were given certificate of appreciation after the gift-giving.

Seeing the smiles and happy faces of the kids, and chatting with the parents, teachers, and the elderly in the community make our hearts filled with so much love. We see smiles that say they are happy for the visit and we are always welcome to come and spend time with them. One of the teachers said that whatever we bring–big or small–are greatly appreciated. Perhaps the time spent with them means a lot to them too. But really, it was us who are more blessed to be able to share even in our own little way.

This was my fourth time in Sitio Target and the excitement to see the kids once in a while still sticks with me.


We will be having another program in the latter part of the year and I hope you can also come with us.

Better yet, you can arrange you own  Aeta community outreach program too. I know that there were a lot of people asking for details about the  Aeta community outreach program and I am willing to share them with you.

Teacher Vheng said that there are still a lot of Aeta communities (like Sitio Babo) in far flung areas which are in dire need of support (especially food). I am planning to coordinate with them in the future for a possible feeding program. Anyway, I hope that as you read this, you will be encouraged to organize your own too.

Let me know if you have questions or you can email me at

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