Going Out? This Is Why Skin Protection Is Vital Against The Sun’s Heat

Going Out? This Is Why Skin Protection Is Vital Against The Sun’s Heat

Once in your lifetime, or even always, you end up getting your skin burned after a whole day’s city tour, or probably frolicking by the beach at noon time. 

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This is common for people who are always going out—backpackers and travelers who are always on the go. Either you are surfing, trekking a mountain, walking in the streets, or just roaming around a new town, you seldom get your skin exposed to the sun.

However, getting your skin burned from the scorching heat of the sun, even once in your life, can bring damage in the long run. An article from MedlinePlus mentioned that if you frequently expose your skin to the ultraviolet rays that the sun emits, it gives major risk on skin cancer.

Skin protection from sun burn

Aside from stocking up on rashguards, shades, long sleeves, hats, and umbrellas to protect you when going out, you also need to underscore the need of putting on something in your skin for extra protection.

Say, a sunblock or a sunscreen you put on half an hour before going out.

When looking for skin care products especially made to protect you from the sun’s damaging heat, you need to know if they have these features:

  • oil free
  • non-greasy
  • non-comedogenic
  • fragrance free
  • very water resistant

A typical sun care protection has SPF 30. SPF, or Sun Protection Factor. It refers to how much protection is given by a sunscreen when applied to skin at a thickness of 2mg/cm2. For example: When wearing a sunscreen with SPF30, skin exposure can last for 5 hours protected from sunburn (given if an individual develops redness after 10min of sun exposure).

Daylong SPF 50+ Light Gel and Daylong SPF 30 Spray Lotion

Daylong skin protection

The makers of Cetaphil come up with Daylong, a couple of sun care products that help you get sun-kissed, and not sun burnt.

They provide highly effective UVA, UVB and IR protection and nourish skin with aloe vera and vitamin E.

For Daylong SPF 50+ Light Gel, it gives maximum protection for oily or sun-sensitive skin.

On the other hand, Daylong SPF 30 Spray Lotion is a liposomal sunscreen that gives medium protection for sun-sensitive skin.


What’s good about Daylong is that it also has a specialized product for kids called Daylong Kids SPF 50+ Lotion. This is specially formulated for sensitive kids’ skin from 12 months.

Because they are from the makers of Cetaphil, Daylong products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

So, are you ready for your next adventure under the sun? Get your skin protected and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Disclaimer: Products provided by Galderma

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