Five Sprays To Add To Your 2017 Travel Essentials

Five Sprays To Add To Your 2017 Travel Essentials

What could be the best way to spend travels trips sans the hassle of tiny, unexpected details that could eat your time out? It could be one smelly hostel, or your camera’s lenses have moist you can’t take nicer shots. Check out these sprays you can add to your cart for your 2017 travel essentials.

Vivo Lumio, a start-up company that caters to people who are always on the go, introduces its To-Go Kit for travellers and outdoor enthusiasts which addresses small yet vital concerns and gives better results in no time.


People who are so obsessed with cleanliness can definitely benefit from this. Sometimes, we tend to check things in public places—like the chair in a food court, the sink in the comfort room, or the hand rest in a bus—that we always have alcohol in our bags. This spray is one great alternative, plus it smells good too!

  • Disinfectant spray
  • Tool against poor sanitation
  • Prevents the spread of diseases, bacteria, and viruses that lurk in different places


Bright Eyes

So I am one of those people whose life is a blur without eyeglasses, so having this spray is really vital. When going out, our glasses tend to get smudges which looks so annoying. Good thing that you cannot just wipe it with a cloth but you can also spray a couple of this one to make the glasses clearer. I also found out this is one is good for camera lenses. Yay!

  • Anti-fog glass cleaner
  • Perfect for helmet visors
  • Spectacles cleaning
  • Useful for bathroom mirrors
  • Make camera lenses fog-free up to one week

Touch Me!

2017 travel essentials
Vivo Lumio Touch Me!

This is my favorite of all, same with Germ-O-Phobe. Since I always go out for coverages, interview people, and go to different places, having a hand sanitizer is essential for everyday, and is definitely should be on our 2017 travel essentials.

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Prevents spread of infectious microorganisms
  • Contains moisturizing benefits

Stink Ninja

I used this in my dorm room when I got back from a long weekend. A room that has now windows or is always closed may likely to get smelly especially if you leave your dirty shoes and laundry in it. Or if you have leftover food which definitely stinks. This may also be used in hotel rooms or hostels that have weird smells.

  • Odor absorber
  • Permanently removes foul-smelling odor
  • Suppress growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • Great against cigarette smoke, waste bins, and newly painted rooms

Bug Ban

While we are used to putting insect repellent creams when going out or in a new place to prevent dengue and other diseases caused by insect bites, spraying this one doubles the protection.

  • Insect repellent
  • Prevents dengue bites
  • Safe for kids

How about you? Do you think these sprays can also benefit you everyday? Have you listed your 2017 travel essentials already? Let me know in the comments!

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