In Images: Camping at Mt. Manabu in Lipa, Batangas

In Images: Camping at Mt. Manabu in Lipa, Batangas

The first time I experienced camping in the mountains was also the first time I hiked with my partner in Mt. Manabu in Lipa, Batangas.

It was one fine Saturday of September 2014 when we boarded a bus in Buendia bound to Lipa, armed with Ramir’s camping gears, while I packed my pink bag (not really suited for camping) with lots of trail food and overnight munch. I thought back then my bag was so heavy for a camper when I realized Ramir was carrying thrice the weight of mine (which I was really embarrassed when I found out later on. So much for pink-good-only-for-city-tours-bag).

Climbing Mt. Manabu is suggested for beginners like me. It’s also not too hot because the trail is shaded with trees.


The best thing I probably won’t forget in Mt. Manabu was that funny wooden carving in Station 5. You gotta see it! haha! Also, Mang Pirying, who has a house there, offers free Alamid coffee (coffee from Civet cat) for hikers too. That’s one thing to try on when you get there. I suggest you buy a pack if you liked the coffee. 🙂 When going down, you’ll pass by a small stream there where you can actually dip in to its cold waters, wash your clothes, and take pictures.

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I forgot the exact itinerary and how-to guide for that hike but I am sure there are lots of existing and updated ones in the internet. Some of my suggestions are blog posts from Pinoy Mountaineer and Mr. Bratpacker.

But if you might take on interest of hiking there and staying up a night or two, check out some images here for some ideas.


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