Pancit Habhab by the Streets of Tayabas, Quezon

Pancit Habhab by the Streets of Tayabas, Quezon

In Tayabas, Quezon, there’s this small hole-in-the-wall popular among locals for their pancit habhab. Liwag Pancitan is the place if you wanted to try pancit habhab the local way—no fancy chairs and colourful menu board nor waiters ready to serve you or air conditioned ambiance. You just stand there by the sidewalk, pick your preferred toppings, and your pancit habhab is ready in no time.

Pancit habhab is one of the food Quezon Province is known for. Ideally, it is a pancit lucban sans the fork and the plate. It is served in small banana leaf and is mostly seen in the streets for that go-to meal.

Aling Mila Liwag is not just a seller of the local cuisine. What makes her unique is her way of serving. Hers is an exhibition like no other. Amidst the wrestling customers, she serves every pancit habhab in an entertaining way—juggling quail eggs and what-have-you like she’s doing an exhibition in a jack stone game. and the small serving put in a square banana leaf. It was entertaining and satisfying in the tummy all at once.


Aling Mila Liwag of Liwag Pancitan in Tayabas, Quezon

During our second day of Quezon Province tour organized by Quezon Tourism Office, we were treated with that experience. Our bus parked along one street in Brgy. Mateuna in Tayabas while we were on our way to Atimonan.

The place was already packed with local workers who were having their morning snack. Our group made our way to join them and ordered ourselves an order or two.


At first, it was little awkward for me. Obviously a first timer, I first looked at how the locals would chow down their orders, and they were all pro.

I remember I was so hungry that time and I am always a fan of pancit so it was not really hard for me to finish my order in less than five minutes. Good thing our organizer said we can go back and order for more. Haha!


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