Backpacking Baguio: Two-Day Couple Anniversary Itinerary

Backpacking Baguio: Two-Day Couple Anniversary Itinerary

Barely a year ago, we celebrated our first anniversary in Baguio. And yes, I am uploading it now, a year after, and just days before our second one. hahaha. Probably because I am not really that keen to post personal pictures of ours, especially about special celebrations like that one. But then, I wanted see our pictures in one post, and write something about where we have been so I would not forget.


So there. We spent two days in Baguio and went around not via taxi, but by foot and jeep. I scourged blogs and threads to know how we can tour around Baguio without having to rent a cab. Thanks to some helpful articles and we finally got that point by point direction from our inn down to different places within the city.

Warning: Couple photos ahead (but they’re not PDAs. hehe)

We checked in the Upstairs Bed and Bath for two night for a budget o PhP 2, 500 budget. What makes this inn a good one was the fact that it is situated near Baguio’s must-see sights. It’s called Upstairs because you literally have to climb the stairs to reach the receiving area.


img_0009 img_0004 img_0010

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For brunch, we went to Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant and chowed down a large serving of chopsuey and one pork order (I forgot its name) and a bowl of fried rice! I was also delighted that they serve coffee there for my morning fix. 🙂

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From there, we walked down Burnham Park, had a couple of selfies, then rode a jeep going to Mines View Park.


From Mines View, we walked down Leonard Wood, so we can pass by Baguio Botanical Garden and Wright Park. Walking like a local, passing by houses and appreciating the view of the city proper is such an amazing experience. I mean, it is not everyday that you experience walking down the streets of Baguio (while you see your breath because it’s too cold ala Korean vibe), plus you get to talk with your partner about random things, with picture taking and holding hands in between. 🙂

img_0092 img_0037 img_0106

After that long walk, we headed back to Upstairs Bed and Bath to catch some sleep. And because a heavy downpour covered the afternoon so we weren’t able to .

We woke up a couple of hours after to eat somewhere along Session Road and went to check out some of the wagwagan stores nearby.

To cap of our night, we braved the heavy rains and headed to The Baguio Craft Brewery. I really wanted to try their craft beers there and we weren’t disappointed. We spend an hour at The Tasting Room, just a floor higher and just revel on the blinking Baguio City lights before us. It was a night to peace, of conversation about love and life, and the feeling of being contented and happy for the year that was just really heartfelt.

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The morning after, we went in the nearby Mt. Cloud Bookshop to check out some of their finds.



This bookstore is amazing. It has a collection of books about the Cordilleras and some local books and little souvenirs made by the locals. It also has an interesting second floor, adorned with paper birds in one of its walls. What makes this bookshop cool aside from its funky finds? You can actually drink a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer while scourging through its shelf.

And oh, I bought a whole map of Baguio City by the way, which, I should have bought on our first day. 🙂

For brunch, we returned to Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant. We returned to Session Road again to see other wagwagan stores. I scored a knitted sweater and pink jacket for PhP 200 while Ramir bought a pair of black Chuck Taylors for PhP 200.

img_0149 img_0023

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We also went to Woodcarver’s Village and bought a chopping board. 🙂 It’s just a ride away from the town.

The last thing we did is to scourge the market for our pasalubongs and souvenirs. We bought three walis tambo (hahaha), some sundot-kulangot for the kids, and sweets in jars.


We weren’t able to visit other places but they will definitely be on top of our list when we go there again.

  • BenCab Museum
  • Trinidad Strawberry Farm
  • Tam-Awan Village

This year, I am not sure where will our anniversary celebration will take us but I’m hoping I can share it you the soonest and not a year after like this one. Thankyou for reading! -Gel

NOTE: This is part of my Backpacking Baguio series.

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