Picturesque Pulang Daga Beach in Paracale, Camarines Norte

While Paracale, Camarines Norte’s main tourist attraction is Maculabo Island,Maculabo Island, on the small town’s mainland lies Pulang Daga beach–an equally off the beaten path cool for tourists who want to experience the place’s other sights to offer.

This cove is perfect for an afternoon jog


Maculabo Island from a distance

The jump off-point to Maculabo Island is the Paracale port, which is also a part of the Pulang Daga beach. If you are finish touring Maculabo Island and you have a day or two in Camarines Norte, you might want to frolic around this beach which features the same sugary-white sands and serene atmosphere.


After our tour in Maculabo Island, our team dropped by Pulang Daga beach just near the Paracale port. My guide said that this where the locals oftentimes go to when they wanted to frolic by the beach or have a picnic in its shaded areas.

If you are staying in Paracale for a two or more days and you have ample time to just lazy around, I suggest you camp at its beach side. Pulang Daga Beach Resort also has nipa huts there and rooms for accommodation. It also has a spacious parking area which is good for big groups.

Agtas pass by the beachside



This post is part of my Camarines Norte tour sponsored by the Tourism Office of the Province of Camarines Norte.

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